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Houston and the Texas Medical Center area offer diverse lodging options for MD Anderson patients and their caregivers:

The Jesse Jones Rotary House International Hotel
An MD Anderson-owned facility right across the street from the clinic and linked by an overhead walkway. All rooms include refrigerators, dishwashers and microwave ovens.

Hotels & Motels
The Texas Medical Center has several nearby hotels and motels, many of which provide discounts to MD Anderson patients.

If you need long-term housing, check our list of apartments near MD Anderson.

Corporate Leasing
Find corporate lodging: apartments, residence hotels, and more.

RV Parks/Trailers
Houston has several RV/Trailer parks convenient for MD Anderson patients.

The Houston International Hostel, Inc., is located near the Medical Center and is open at various times during the year. Amenities include linen rental, laundry facility, kitchen and storage lockers.

Phone: (713) 523-1009
Fax: (713) 526-8618

Additional housing options through churches and community organizations may be available. Contact the Social Work department at (713) 792-6195 for assistance.